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From Our Research….

By Kathy Cumming

Often times in our research we come across interesting facts, clippings or photos.This page will be reserved for such things. If you would like to contribute a little known fact or figure email us at Please include source material.

Daniel Boone’s Coffin

As he approached his later years., Daniel Boone had his coffin prepared. When the mood struck him, he would take it out and “try it on for fit.” From American Folklore and Legend 1978 Readers Digest Association.

Boone’s Boys    

Children have been following in Daniel Boone’s Trailblazing Footsteps since 1906, when Daniel Carter Beard founded The Society of the Sons of Daniel Boone. The organization (divided into local forts) was dedicated to an appreciation of the outdoors and to the “old fashioned virtues on American Knights in Buckskin”.

Each member started as a tenderfoot and worked to become a full fledged scout. The two-fingered salute, used by Cub Scouts today, was originally the Indian sign for a wolf, scout of the wilderness.

In 1910 the club was incorporated into the new Boy Scouts of America, which to this day continues to perpetuate the great Boone tradition.

From Folkways, American Folklore and Legend, Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. 1978

Valentine’s Day

The valentine (pictured at left) was one of the first sent in this country. In 1753 Henry Drinker sent it to his girlfriend, Elizabeth. The couple was later married.

from The Story of America by John Anthony Scott published by The National Geographic Society

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The First Purple Heart

First known as
 The Badge of Military Merit

George Washington was looking for a way to recognize special bravery among his men. He had this embroidered to give them. It was the first Purple Heart. Given today to US Service men wounded in battle it is strictly a combat decoration.

from The Story of America by John Anthony Scott published by The National Geographic Society

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