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Stories and Photos that appeared on the front page in 2010

A Look at White Hall State Historic Site Celebrating Christmas


White Hall (the home of Cassius Clay) outside Richmond, Kentucky celebrates Christmas as the Clay’s did in the mid nineteenth century. During this Victorian era, Christmas trees and Christmas cards made their appearance and lavish decorations filled the mansion. Click Here for Photos!


Celebrating the 12 days of Christmas


Kristi Heasley talks to visitors at Fort Boonesborough’s first Christmas Celebration. Cabins were lit by fires and lanterns and demonstrators handed out samples of traditional colonial food and drink. There was also music and dancing in the blockhouse.Click here for photos and video newsreel!

Winter Trade Days
 at Fort Boonesborough


Re-Enactors and visitors gathered at Fort Boonesborough State Park for the Annual Winter Trade Days. Vendors sold their wares, The Fort Boonesborough Foundation sold food and drinks, and The Re-enactor Appreciation Drawing (above) was held as a culmination to a full season of events. Photos now loaded!


 Click Here

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Veteran’s Day 2010

Click Here for our Veteran’s Day Feature


Colonial Williamsburg storyteller Ol’ Bess spends an evening in Louisville at Historic Locust Grove

Click Here for Newsreel


100 Years on the Ohio features a Ladies Archery Event

Photos now Loaded


Historic Locust
Grove hosts
fall event

Cannons firing, military units marching to the beat of their drummers, entertainers and 18th century vendors selling their wares. Photos now loaded!

Indians and Settlers Clash at the 2010
 Re-Enactment of The Siege of Boonesborough


Photos now loaded

Virtual Visionlg

Click Here to see a Virtual Vision Panorama of School Day at
The Siege of Fort Boonesborough


There was a great crowd on hand for the annual re-enactment of The Siege of Fort Boonesborough. The great Siege occurred in 1778 when Daniel Boone and Chief Blackfish clashed over one of the early Kentucky forts. Click here for photos!

Fans and Re-Enactors Say “Best Event Ever” at The Painted Stone Settlers Long Run Massacre


Re-Enactors outdid themselves at the 12th Annual Re-Enactment of The Long Run Massacre hosted by The Painted Stone Settlers. The weather cooperated, and the encampment saw over 700 school children on Friday and over 100 cub scouts in a newly added Saturday morning program. Battle re-enactments took place on both Saturday and Sunday along with a dusk battle on Saturday evening. Additional Battle Photos now loaded. Still to come videos and Spotlight on Re-Enactors.


The Fair at New Boston draws record crowds and perfect weather

Click here for photos, mini newsreels and more!

Now Loaded!!!!


Indians on horseback, cannon at the ready, a tactical battle, performers, vendors and food and more food - that is The Fair at New Boston, Springfield, Ohio.


 One never knows who will be at the Fair. From rich man, poor man, beggar man - thief. Watch for our special features on The Play - The Guardian, The Children of New Boston, and slide shows of The Faces of New Boston, The Tactical Battle and more.

Virtual Visionlg

Click here for a Virtual Vision Panorama of the 2010 Fair at New Boston.

Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site hosts Re-enactment
 on the 148th Anniversary of the Battle


Fall weather came early to the Re-Enactment of the Battle of Peryville. These faces realistically depict just how young some of the soldiers who fought and died here were. Perryville, Kentucky is one of the most well preserved battle fields in the nation.  This year’s event was especially focused on the horse soldier in the Civil War.

Blue Licks Battlefield State Park Commemor ates the 228th Anniversary of the historic battle


On August 19, 1782 Kentuckians were attacked by Indians near the Blue Licks. The battle was re-created on August 21 and 22 at the Kentucky State Park by re-enactors who come every year to commemorate this historic battle where some of Kentucky’s first settlers lost their lives. The Many Faces of Blue Licks now loaded. More to come.


A look at Mad Anne Bailey
as portrayed by Suzanne Larner

American history is populated with colorful characters and interesting people. And so too, are the re-enactors that portray them. It seems especially true in the case of Suzanne Larner who appears perfectly comfortable as the legendary Mad Anne Bailey.
Click here


If you haven’t had a chance to hear Mad Anne Bailey in person - join us at The Painted Stone Settlers Long Run Massacre - September 11 & 12. Mad Anne will be performing on Sunday at 12:30 PM . Also see “The Doctor” Saturday at Noon and musical performances by Jonathan Hagee. More details

The Annual CLA Show Again Features the Finest


The Contemporary Longrifle Association held it’s annual meeting and show in Lexington, KY where members displayed guns, horns, knives and all manner of fine art. Our coverage includes photos and panoramas - to make you feel like you are there! Now loaded

Civil War Music Festival Slated for 2011


Cornets and Cannons will take center stage on Labor Day Weekend 2011 in Frankfort, KY.

The Sesquicentennial music festival features a variety on 19th century band music. Groups and lecturers from across the country will convene in Frankfort, KY for the weekend series. Performances will range from stage bands to marching bands - culminating with a Battle of the Bands on Sunday. All events will be free and open to the public. Learn more on the new Cornets and Cannons Website designed by Graphic Enterprises

Federal City

The Federal City Brass Band is only one of the many groups to perform at the Sesquicentennial Music Festival


William Whitley House Foundation

The newly formed William Whitley House Foundation also launches their new website this week. Spearheaded by Foundation president Matt Bryant the site includes registration and event information for the October 23 -24, 2010 1812 Event.

The William Whitley House is the oldest brick house west of the Alleghenies finished in 1794

and is preserved as part of the Kentucky State Park System. Built by William and Esther Whitley the home is located near Stanford, KY. It was dubbed “the guardian of the wilderness road” and was a frequent stopping point for settlers entering Kentucky. William Whitley was an early settler to Kentucky in 1775 and active in the Indian Wars. At the age of 61 Whitley enlisted as a private during the War of 1812 where he was killed at The Battle of the Thames on October 5, 1813.
Visit the Web site.

The Ohio River Panorama

New Feature on Pioneer Times USA

Ohio River pano
Virtual Visionlg

The Ohio River played a critical role in the development of Kentucky and the states that were formed out of the Northwest Territory. Even today there are a few places along the river that show few modern amenities and take one back to an earlier time - like this spot near Leavenworth, IN. View in Virtual Vision.

We make every effort to bring the living history events we cover right to your desktop.  Now a new feature comes to Pioneer Times. It is called - Virtual Vision. These segments will feature a panoramic view - either 360 or 180 degrees to l

et you feel as if you were there, on the scene with us and our cameras. Watch for the V V logo which will indicate a panoramic view accompanies the article or event, just as the newsreel logo indicates that a video clip is present.

 In the coming weeks we will be adding clips of historic sights in Virtual Vision. If you would like to sponsor a Virtual Vision piece or have one done of your historic site please email us.

A Panoramic look at Fort Boonesborough

Click Photos to view Virtual Vision Panoramas

Fort Boonesborough
Transylvania Store2

Step inside the 18th Century Transylvania store at Fort Boonesborough. Both photos expand to give you a complete look at the goods offered for sale in this store.


Inside store 2

Jane Austen fans flock to Historic Locust Grove


The Illinois Regiment Visits Fort Boonesborough


The 3rd Annual Jane Austen Festival was held at Historic Locust Grove in Louisville, KY. Fans of the author dressed in period clothes, strolled the grounds and got to partake in afternoon tea, visit the Shoppes of Meryton, listen to speakers, attend workshops and see a style show of Regency Fashions. Photos now loaded!

Fort Boonesborough was never home to a permanent military unit in the 1780’s but troops frequently crossing the area often stopped for a nights rest. This past weekend members of Kellar’s Company of the Illinois Regiment braved the heat for a visit.
Photos coming soon!


 the 4th of July

A visit to the Indiana Territory Festival - (left) a Surveyor displays his tools, (right) a first person presentation about Polly Strong, and (below) inside the capitol building at Corydon, Indiana. Click here for more photos of the event, including the story of Polly Strong and her fight for freedom in the Indiana Supreme Court. Article by Kathy Cummings Photos by Jim Cummings


Tamla Boone as Polly Strong


“The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be

DSC00259 jim ren 2

commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. “ John Adams in a letter to Abigail. 

Although we celebrate the 4th of July and not the 2nd as Adams stated, we do celebrate it in many ways.

On the Farm at Perryville Battlefield State Park examines life in this small town after the Civil War

Perryville’s 2010 On the Farm program recreated a 19th century horse exhibition and sale. Here the auctioneer is calling for the first of the horses to enter the ring. Ladies and gentleman and even a few military officers are waiting for the sale to begin. Photos now loaded!

sunday gathering at perryville

2nd Annual Fort Harrod Event

Even with a fort full of people, guest speakers, a musician, sutlers selling their wares and two re-enactments on Saturday this young man made time to ponder at the memorial. - which says - To the Wilderness Dead “Those without graves...unknell’d...uncoffin’d... “This cenotaph here placed by a not unforgetful Commonwealth. Additional photos from the weekend at Fort Harrod now loaded.


 At “On the Farm - A 19th Century Horse Sale” we spent some time with young Sarah Burns who is apprenticing under Wendell Decker of Vintage Image Studios. Read more!


Native Re-Enactor Ron Pinson looked every bit the part standing under the 200 year old orange osage tree at Fort Harrod. Click Here!

The NMLRA by Charles Hayes
A brief look at the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, it’s purpose and photos from the spring meet.


Civil War Preservation Trust Names Perryville Park Manager, Kurt Holman Preservationist of the Year.


Kurt Holman has spent 21 years at Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site. In addition to spearheading the expansion of the park and it’s preservation efforts, he is a non tiring researcher who has spent years transcribing diaries and identifying the soldiers that were killed at the 1862 Battle of Perryville. View the video clip of the award presentation.

New Feature - Maps You Can Follow

Follow history - follow us. Many of the historical places we travel - and Pioneer Times covers - don’t always appear on present day maps. This new feature will include historical maps that show sites that were important in the 18th and early 19th centuries that are often off the beaten path of today’s interstate travel. Additional Maps now loaded...


Remembering D-Day
 June 6, 1944


The Siege of Fort Randolph -Point Pleasant, WV

The Scout on Marble Creek

Siege of Fort Randolph
MCfront 15

Additional Photos Now Loaded including Captive! a realistic look at life on the frontier


An 18th century journal account with photos of an unspoiled area where Daniel Boone and others once lived as told by Kristi Heasley. Click here to learn more about Marble Creek.

Memorial Day Weekend Events Take Visitors back to an Earlier Time


Women on the Frontier at Fort Boonesborough


A parade of colors near the monument, the sound of fife and drums, a battle on the battlefield and 18th century merchants with wares from A to Z. What better way to spend Memorial Day. Photos now loaded - newsreel now loaded!

Despite the heat and rain it was a great group that turned out for the 6th Annual Women on the Frontier at Fort Boonesborough. Lots of hands on learning and discussion for women and families to explore life in the 18th century. Click here.

Fort Boonesborough
18th Century Trade Fair


Visitors span out over Fort Boonesborough during the Annual Memorial Day Weekend Trade Fair. New faces, blanket traders, and goods for sale greeted visitors. Photos now loaded!


A Visit to the William Whitley House


The William Whitley House near Crab Orchard, Kentucky hosted a small encampment over the weekend. The house known as the Guardian of the Wilderness Road was the first brick house built in Kentucky and was a welcome site to travelers entering the territory. Whitley and his wife Ester had 11 children and built the first Kentucky racetrack at Sportsman’s Hill. Whitley reentered military life in 1812 when he joined troops in battle in The War of 1812 where he died at the Battle of the Thames. Click here...

10th Anniversary of the Raid on Martin’s Station


Saturday, May 8th, saw one of the largest contingents of Indians ever to attack Martin’s Station at Wilderness Road State Park in Ewing, Virginia. Additional Photos now loaded.

18th Century Thunder
 at Historic Locust Grove

Lore of the Laughery
at Friendship, Indiana
 proceeds despite rains


Members of the Illinois Regiment set up an encampment at Historic Locust Grove during Louisville’s kick off to derby festivities. While the city enjoyed an airshow and fireworks, visitors to Locust Grove enjoyed 18th century “thunder.” Click here for more.


Skies cleared around noon on Saturday and visitors to Lore of the Laughery could shop, listen to music, or take in one of the many presentations. And on the hillside overlooking the blockhouse area, settlers fought off an Indian raid as both men and women gathered every available weapon to protect their families. All photos now loaded! Including a new feature entitled “Spotlight on a Re-Enactor.”

Sons of the American Revolution provide
Color Guard for Painted Stone


Each year The Painted Stone Settlers invite a special guest speaker to a spring meeting and open it to the public. This year’s April 1st meeting featured Mel Hankla as Governor Isaac Shelby. In honor of this event the local Isaac Shelby Chapter of the SAR was invited to participate in the event. Photos now loaded!

Kentucky’s First Governor Isaac Shelby speaks at the last of the 2010 Fireside Chats at Fort Boonesborough

Mel Hankla took center stage as Kentuckian Isaac Shelby. Shelby was both Kentucky’s first and 5th governor and led the state during the War of 1812.

The Fireside Chats are presented by the Fort Boonesborough Foundation and also include “A Taste of Frontier Fare” dinner.
Click here for more!

Isaac Shelby

William Whitley Visits Boonesborough
 for the Fireside Chats

Colonial and Civil War Trade Show in
Lawrenceburg, KY draws a great crowd


The Salt River Long Rifles moved their annual trade show from December to February this year and were rewarded with a good turnout. Great goods for sale and plenty of familiar faces, in a well lit, cozy convention center. Click Here for more photos!

William Whitley was an important figure in early Kentucky. Although a little less known than some of the other early settlers Whitley played a vital role in settling the state. In a powerful performance Matt Bryant portrayed William Whiley at the third February Fireside Chat at


Fort Boonesborough. The 2010 Chats conclude on Saturday February 27 with a portrayal of Kentucky’s First Governor Isaac Shelby. Photos and Story and Newsreel of William Whitley Now loaded!

New Resource for Local Re-Enactors

Maggie Delaney
 at The Fireside Chats


Maggie Delaney tells the story of her life in indentured servitude at the 2010 Fort Boonesborough Fireside Chats. Click here to read the story and see the Newsreel Clip.


As part of her website, Mandy Dick has added a section entitled “On this day”. Divided into sections the calendars cover Kentucky history, Indiana history and a special section on the Clark/Croghan families of Historic Locust Grove.

Dick, in addition to her storytelling portrays several historic characters including Lucy Clark Croghan. Lucy was sister to both George Rogers Clark and William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. She and her husband William Croghan often hosted prominent Kentuckians of the time including all of her siblings and nieces and nephews.

Says Dick, “when I am preparing for a first person event - it helps to look at the calendars. I think it adds so much when interacting with the public to be able to know relative facts to the year and time you are portraying. Everything from births and deaths to what might have been happening in ‘Washington City’ are included.” Click on the link above to see what was happening on this day in Kentucky and Indiana history.

Dancing through the Ages...
At The Frazier Museum Historical Ball

fra ball 10

When the music started everyone danced. Cowboys and colonials, northern soldiers and doughboys, from the elegant to the common folk. It’s always an unusual site at the Frazier Historical Ball. Photos and Story - Click Here     Click Here for Newsreel


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