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The Long Run Massacre & Floyd’s Defeat 2014
September 12-14

Presented by The Painted Stone Settlers

Photos by Jim Cummings and Kurt Caulley


The Many Faces of
The Long Run Massacre

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The 200th Anniversary of The Star Spangled Banner
September 14, 1814
A Presentation by The Painted Stone Settlers
The Isaac Shelby Chapter of The Sons of The American Revolution

Featuring Katie Hundley
The 71st Regiment of Foote
and Cub Scouts from Pack 269

Cannon Fire – From one single cannon.

Can you imagine being on a ship in a harbor with cannon being fired from the ship and cannon fire answering from the shore.

Well that was the situation that Francis Scott Key found himself in 200 years ago – September 14, 1814.

Key was a young attorney and an aspiring poet. And not only was he on a ship he was on an enemy ship. But what kind of enemy was this. This enemy didn't speak a foreign language. Didn't look any different. As a matter of fact just a mere 38 years earlier this enemy had been his countryman. His own father and grandfather had been subjects of the king.

Now his country was under siege. British ships were in Chesapeake Bay. Fort McHenry was under fire.

And Francis Scott Key was forced to wait and watch through the night.
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Settlers of the Painted Stone Station are Attacked near Long Run Creek

As the settlers of The Painted Stone Station were evacuating to a more populated station they were attacked by some 50 Miami Indians. Women, children, livestock and household goods were all spread along the trail.

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The Prisoner Exchange

In a quest to better understand history, The Painted Stone Settlers provide visitors with a scenario about one of the many prisoner exchanges that were held throughout the Ohio valley in the late 1700’s in which natives and settlers came together to trade prisoners for goods.

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School Day at The Long Run Massacre Friday
September 12, 2014

The first bus rolls in just at 9 AM as the first of 672 students arrive on site. This year saw a larger percentage of home schoolers and their families visit 23 stations manned by volunteer re-enactors and demonstrators. To learn more about our school day visit the web site and register for 2015.


The History

The Painted Stone Settlers were a group of settlers led by Squire Boone who built their station in 1780 Kentucky. By 1781, as Indian attacks were becoming more frequent the group opted to leave the settlement for a more populated station. Linn Station was 23 miles from Painted Stone. During the trek, the settlers with their livestock and household goods had to cross Long Run Creek. It was about noon and at this point that 50 Miami Indians with their British allies chose to attack.

Men, women and children were killed and scattered, many not reaching Linn Station until nightfall. On the following day Col. John Floyd, of the Jefferson County Militia led a party of men out to check for survivors and bury the dead. The Indians had stayed in the area knowing the settlers would return. This militia group was also attacked. Seventeen men were killed or captured. It became known as Floyd’s Defeat.

Special thanks to Kurt Caulley of Germantown, Ohio for joining us as a Pioneer Times photographer at this event.

Join Us in 2015 on September 11-13

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