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Pirates of Paynetown

August 8-9, 2008          Lake Monroe - Paynetown SRA

Photos by Jim & Kathy Cummings


Newsreel of the Battle

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Pirates of Paynetown

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Newsreel of the Event

Pirates of Paynetown

By Jim Cummings

If you want to experience something different in re-enacting - schedule a visit to Pirates of Paynetown. 2008 marked the third annual event and the second time that we covered the event.

The weather was perfect only in the mid 80’s with little humidity. Rare for Indiana in August. It was a great day for a drive and it was just about 2 hours from Louisville to Lake Monroe which is just a few miles south of Bloomington, IN.

It was a great site to see. All of the period boats bobbing on the water, sails waiting to be unfurled. The sky in the distance was a dark blue that faded to azure with white puffy clouds. No one could ask for a better day for Pirates of Paynetown.

After finding a parking spot and unloading our gear - we went to work. I found a spot facing Lake Monroe and the area where the re-enactment would begin.

Nathan Logsdon and Jennifer Aynes organized the event which went off without a hitch. I talked to many of the re-enactors who all said this was one of their favorite events. The backdrop of the lake, the cool breeze blowing in - all make it a perfect place to camp.


So if you are looking for a change of pace in re-enacting - put this event on your calendar for 2009. There were sword fights and duels, a  pirate wedding and a pirate funeral. A blacksmith and a tavern, a ropemaking demonstration and on Sunday afternoon a special surprise when the Budabi Brothers showed up for a spectacular performance.

If you’ve never seen this performance it is pretty hysterical. Although the act features juggling and knives, swords and fire the real treat is in the comedy routine that accompanies it. You might find another juggling act - but you won’t find jugglers that keep up the repartee with the crowd as well as Erik and Nick. They keep up a constant stream of chatter and completely involve their audience. Believe me - these two could draw a crowd in the middle of a desert. The Budabi Brothers regularly appear at larger events like Spirit of Vincennes, Fair at New Boston and the Locust Grove Fall Market Fair.


Lake Monroe is part of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and is a wonderful get away for all ages. The park staff and rangers were helpful and the conservation officers on the water kept the re-enactment area safe from high powered boats and jet skis. If you haven’t ever attended this event and you love the water Pirates of Paynetown is a must for 2009.

Photos from Pirates of Paynetown 07

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