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George Rogers Clark Heritage Association
The Battles of Martins and Ruddles Stations
The Battle of Peckuwe

July 17 & 18, 2004

Photos by Jim Cummings

The Story of the Battles

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The George Rogers Clark Heritage Association in Springfield, Ohio portrays two separate events in their weekend re-enactment. On Saturday they depict the Kentucky attacks on Ruddles and Martins Stations. On Sunday they depict the retaliatory attack by the militia led by George Rogers Clark on the Shawnee town of Peckewe.

Everyday life at the Stations

The Stations are attacked and the prisoners forced to march to Detroit. Many are killed along the way.

An interesting twist to this re-enactment is that the crowd of spectators are “marched” as prisoners to the Indian village.

The calm at the Indian Village of Peckuwe is shattered by the sounds of advancing militia.

The Shawnee town of Peckuwe is burned to the ground.

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