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Photo of the Year - 2007

Hats Off to Rich Copeland a member of the Fort Boonesborough Foundation for capturing this photo. It has been chosen as the Photo of the Year for 2007.

Photographing a Living History Event

By Jim Cummings

One of the greatest thrills I get out of going to living history events is meeting and talking to other photographers. Whether it is an amatuer or a professional the dialogue is always about shooting action. It takes a certain knack and now how to do what we here at The Pioneer Times do and it also takes a bit of luck.

The first step is to know the details of the story at the event that you are attending. Familiarity with the re-enactors and their moves comes with time and practice. Knowing what you plan on shooting and getting into the scene in your head - makes a world of difference. Concentration is the key word here. Getting on the scene early, having your gear ready and at hand all mark the professional.

I always find it interesting to look at another photographers work of an event. What caught their eye - was it the same thing that caught mine. Did they see anything that I failed to see or in reverse did they miss any of the crucial action. Focusing through the camera leaves an entire field of focus that you might not see. It helps to also keep an eye - not on what you are shooting but on what might be happening outside your range of vision.

And with all that said, there is still the time and moment. Catching the perfect shot can be a combination of all the above. And that is why the photograph above became the Photo of the year for 2007. Rich Copeland caught the action with his digital Nikon.. He froze it in mid air. He captured the exact moment when a running Indian made his move. He captured it once and for all time - a shot that may never happen again - and he shared it with all of us.

Thanks Rich, congratulations on a really fine shot!


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