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The Pioneer Times is now 1 month old. Over the 4th of July Weekend we kicked off The Pioneer Times portion of our web site. The purpose of the Pioneer Times is to do feature, short and everyday stories with guest writers and indepth interviews and news items.

Our main purpose of the web site is to promote living history events and also the period fairs, and festivals through stories and photos - lots of photos.

But the best reason of all is to show off the re-enactors. After all without re-enactors their would be no living history re-enactments. And let’s not forget the sutlers that come to the events to show off their craftsmanship. Everyone works hard - be it at their personas or their art and crafts.

We are dedicated in promoting the re-enactors and their families.

Some of you may wonder about the Graphic Enterprises name on our web site. Graphic Enterprises is our company and graphics are our business. Photography, video, screen printing, graphic design, web design and more. But re-enacting is our passion. If you do ever fell the need for any of these services please visit the other part of our web site for more information.

The Pioneer Times will begin with new stories each month. New stories will also be added during the month. So check back often. We will also consider all contributions from readers. So if you have something to say - let’s here it.

Painted Stone Settlers

The Jury Is In

  By Jim Cummings

There has been a lot of discussion in the past about juried events. Here are a few good reasons to jury an event.

Recently I had a conversation about this with the president of The Painted Stone Settlers, Dr. Harold Raleigh. On September 13 and 14 the 5th Annual Long Run Massacre Outdoor Drama Re-Enactment will take place in Shelbyville, KY. This is a juried event.

The time period is 1781 - when Indian raids were rampant in Kentucky. At a small fort in Kentucky called Painted Stone the settlers and their founder Squire Boone (younger brother of Daniel Boone) were becoming uneasy. Afraid of attacks by Indians backed by the British they evacuated the fort and were attacked along the trail.

Harold Raleigh of Painted Stone Settlers says ”If you haven’t seen or participated in an outdoor drama - come to this one. It is s true living history event.”

As a group and as individuals we strive for historical accuracy. And this is the biggest reason we jury our event. We pride ourselves on having an event that even historians will find accurate. After seeing our event many historical organizations ask us to attend their programs.

This is one of the biggest reasons to jury. To be noticed - to be asked to participate in other historical events. There is a lot of history in this area and as a group we want to do it right. Raleigh also reiterated that we are not the only ones that think this way. And he continued “ we do make mistakes, no one is perfect.” We police ourselves, but we do it in a good natured manner. But we do jury. And we will help in any way we can to see that everything is correct.

Obviously if you arrive in a t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots you will not be able to participate. But although we have taken some flack over being a juried event the fact remains that The Long Run Massacre is a juried event of 1781.

The Painted Stone Settlers attend many events over the course of a year. Some juried - some not. All are fun. The Painted Stone Settlers also adapt (with minor clothing and equipment changes) to events depicting time periods from 1750 through the 1820's.

It may be a lot easier than you think to attend a juried event. Possibly changing a shirt or wearing a different type of moccasins. If you don’t have center seam moccasins for example you might want to consider going barefoot. Problem solved.

Members are encouraged to mentor newer group members and attend meetings to keep everyone well informed. There is nothing evil about the word juried. It is simply re-enactors striving to be their very best.

If you have comments on juried events - email us or leave a note on the guest page.

Painted Stone Settlers Prepare for 5th Year
Long Run Massacre

by Jim Cummings

The Painted Stone Settlers are in the final countdown to the 5th Year Re-enactment of The Long Run Massacre and Floyd’s Defeat. Having grown considerably since it’s inception in 1999 the Long Run Massacre is now considered an outdoor drama re-enactment.

This re-enactment of The Long Run Massacre which occurred when settlers evacuated Squire Boone’s Painted Stone Station in 1781 will be held on September 13th and 14th at Clear Creek Park in Shelbyville, KY.

The Painted Stone Settlers have already produced two other outdoor dramas so far in 2003. The Pigeon Roost Massacre in Lexington, Indiana in June and The Skirmish at Salt River in July. (See photo section for more info on these events.)

But the crowning point in The Painted Stone Settlers season is The Long Run Massacre. For more info on this drama go to or photos of Painted Stone Settlers.

Boone, Crawford, Girty, Kenton

Frontier Family Reunion Heads To Fort Laurens

For more info link to Ft. Laurens

Danniel Boone       William Crawford           Simon Girty      Simon Kenton

Bolivar, OH—Some of the most famous and infamous names of the American colonial frontier will assemble at Fort Laurens State Memorial, located in Bolivar, Ohio on Saturday, August 16, 2003.

Family descendants of Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, Simon Girty, Lewis Wetzel, William Crawford, Alexander McKee, and representatives of the Delaware and the Piqua Sept of Shawnee Indian nations will converge at the site of the only American Revolutionary War fort built in what now is the state of Ohio.

For the first time in over time in 225 years, the family descendants of these great tribes and frontiersmen are returning to the site of Fort Laurens to share history, retell tall tales of great feats and adventure, and keep alive the history and memory of America’s Revolutionary years.

“Some of these frontiersmen helped defend Ft. Laurens while others tried to destroy the fortification,” said Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation trustee, Scott Fisher. “We are excited to have them all return to this site, not to celebrate victory or defeat, but to celebrate history and the role their family ancestors played in the state and nation.”

At some point in time during their existence, their lives and survival intertwined. Lewis Wetzel and William Crawford served at Fort Laurens that was built in Delaware Indian territory. 

Simon Kenton saved Daniel Boone’s life during an attack on Boonesborough. 

Simon Girty, a notorious renegade on the frontier and ally of the British, saved Simon Kenton from burning at the stake by Ohio Indians. In addition, Fort Laurens was the first official American military installation attacked by Girty after joining sides with the British during the American Revolution.

The Frontier Family Reunion of the Northwest Territory will be sponsored by the Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation and will be held in conjunction with the Brigade of the American Revolution’s (BAR) Annual Encampment and re-enactment. The reunion has been recognized as an official Ohio Bicentennial event.

The Brigade of the American Revolution’s Annual Encampment and re-enactment at Fort Laurens will be held on both Saturday and Sunday, August 16-17.

Erected in 1778 along the Tuscarawas River near present day Bolivar, Ohio, Fort Laurens’construction was fully authorized by the Continental Congress. At least 21 American soldiers were killed defending the fort. 

Among the soldiers at Ft. Laurens were Capt. Abraham Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president’s grandfather and Major Richard Taylor, father of the nation’s 12th president, Zachary Taylor.

 Fort Laurens State Memorial is located at 11067 Ft. Laurens Rd., in Bolivar, Ohio, approximately 10 miles south of Canton, Ohio, just west off I-77. The hours are from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Admission is $3 per adult and students are $2.

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