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The Fireside Chats 2008

Photos by Jim Cummings

Abraham Lincoln at the Fireside Chat
Fort Boonesborough State Park

February 16, 2008

See a Newsreel clip of the performance

By Kathy Cummings

As the 2008 -2009 Bicentennial Celebration of Abraham Lincoln begins, Jim Sayre who has portrayed Abraham Lincoln for over 20 years appeared at the third Fort Boonesborough Fireside Chat. Sayre appears courtesy of The Kentucky Humanities Council.

Sayre entertained the audience with details of his (Lincoln’s) life and stories that were told by the president.

Abraham Lincoln recounted his early years touching especially on his birth and ties to Kentucky. He concluded his program with the Gettysburg Address not only one of his most famous speeches, but one of the most famous speeches of all times and recognized by all Americans.

After his 45 minute performance Mr. Sayre fielded questions from the audience for another 15 minutes. What was amusing to me was the fact that nearly everyone in the audience began their question with the words ”Mr. President.” I think it was a testimony to both Sayres’ performance as a very believable Lincoln and also the impact that the16th President had on this country. The fact that we have celebrated Abraham Lincolns birthday (and now President’s Day) for only two preidents in the history of the USA speaks volumes. And I guess when a man looking as much like Lincoln as Sayre does walks into the room it is onlt natural to say, Good Evening, Mr. President.”

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